Austenite is a web hosting, design and technology company I began in December of 2015 after a rebrand from Maguire Technologies.

It is an advanced, powerful but beginner friendly web hosting company geared towards stability and customer service that cares. Previously we utilised CPanel but have recently migrated to Plesk with great success. Hosting our servers with OVH in France means we can also take advantage of the powerful DDOS protection they offer, recently having managed to mitigate a 1.1Tbps attack.

We originally began with a reseller plan at ICUK, then Jolt and then BuyShared. Eventually outgrowing these plans meant that we quickly needed to begin leasing our own hardware. Through hard work and dedicated we've managed to grow the Austenite business exponentially gaining popularity locally from our web design branch and worldwide with our web hosting branch.

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ProxLinux was born in 2012 and has just recently been revived. The name was originally Project X Lubuntu, then Pro-X-Linux and then combined into a single word in ProxLinux 2.

An Ubuntu/Lubuntu based Linux powered operating system inspired by Fluxbox and FluxBuntu.

ProxLinux sports dark, but beautiful looks and a right click menu. This menu can be accessed by right clicking on the panel or the desktop. There's no menu button, and certainly no 'Start' menu. Just right click anywhere!

I became interested in this idea while testing an old Linux Mint Fluxbox release (now discontinued) but Fluxbox just didn't cut it for me. Then came Lubuntu with OpenBox, I built my system and a friend suggested I share it with the world, this was ProxLinux 1 released on the 18th of February 2012 and then ProxLinux 2 on the 6th of June 2012. In August 2012 I released ProxLinux 2.2, ProxLinux 2.2 with bug fixes. Version 3 was released in May 2016.

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